11:00-11:30AM | From Socialization to Social Media, presented by Dogtopia

  • Colleen Demling-Riley, Animal Behaviorist

  • Sigrid Neilson, @brussels.sprout

  • Ahmed El Shourbagy, @DogsofInstagram

11:45-12:00PM | Keynote: The Status of Pets as Property under the Law

  • Stephen Wells, Executive Director, Animal Legal Defense Fund

12:15-12:45PM | At Home Treats Demo with Dr. Lisa Lippman, presented by Vitamix

  • Dr. Lisa Lippman, @drlisalippman

  • Megan Goncalves, Vitamix

1:00-1:30PM | Feeding Your Pets Whole, Fresh Food, Presented by Just Food for Dogs

  • Shawn Buckley, Founder, Just Food for Dogs

  • Dr. Jessica Wilson, Vet and Professional Competitive Body Builder

  • Cesar Fernandez-Chavez, @LouboutinaNYC

  • Kaylin Pound, @HotDudeswithDogs

1:45-2:15PM | Pets on Film

  • Solvan “Slick” Naim and Bruno of Netflix’s “It’s Bruno”, @ItsBrunoShow

  • Ryan Beauchesne, @Crusoe_Dachshund

2:30-2:45PM | Brother Nature

  • Kelvin Pena, @Kelv

3:00-3:30PM | Spotlight on Rescue

  • Warren Rickard, petco foundation

  • Mike OHearn, @MikeOHearn

  • Brittni Vega, @HarlowandSage

  • Tina Reddington, ASPCA

3:45-4:00PM | Pawsitive Change Prison Program

  • Zach Skow, @MarleysMutts

*Schedule subject to change