2019 Schedule Coming Soon!


11:00am- 11:45am: The Cat’s Meow: Cat Health 101, presented by KindredBio

12:00pm-12:45pm: Grow Your ‘Gram: Content Creation and Community Building

  • Kaylin Pound of @hotdudeswithdogs

  • Ryan Beauchesne of @crusoethedachshund

  • Sandi Swiridoff of @reagandoodle

  • Ashley Paguyo and Ahmed El Shourbagy of @dogsofinstagram

1:00pm- 1:15pm: Keynote: The State of Pets as Property Under the Law + the Associated Consequences, presented by the Executive Director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Stephen Wells

2:00pm- 2:45pm: The Doctor’s In: Hot Topics in Animal Health

  • Dr. Lisa Lippman of @drlisalippman

  • Dr. Amy Kantor

  • Dr. Kendra Pope

  • Melissa Trihey of @furballsInc

2:45pm- 3:00pm: The Circle of Life: The Animal + Human Health Connection, presented by Dr. William Karesh, Executive VP for Health and Policy at EcoHealth Alliance

3:00pm- 3:45pm: Making a Pawsitive Change: Spotlight on Non-Profits

  • Sally Williams, Founder of The Brodie Fund

  • Sarah Brasky, Founder of Foster Dogs, Inc

  • Joey Teixeira of @mervinthechiuhuahua + Senior Manager of Planned Giving at ASPCA

  • Brittni Vega of @harlowandsage

11:00am- 11:45am: To the Rescue! Pet Adoption 101

  • Animal Planet’s Amanda to the Rescue, Amanda Giese

  • Courtney Dasher of @tunameltsmyheart

  • Lauren Paris of @theebrunobartlett

  • Hilary Sloan of @ellabeanthedog

12:00pm-12:15pm: Keynote: Pets + Technology: The Future of Pet Care, presented by Collette Bunton, CEO of Whistle

12:15pm- 1:00pm: Live Demos! Leap Venture Studio and Companion Fund presents:

  • AnimalBiome

  • Mixlab

  • PetPlate

  • Scratchpay

  • Wild Earth

Followed by Q+A and breed reveal of Fifi VonBean of @ellabeanthedog!

2:00pm- 2:45pm: Rewards of Special Needs + Senior Adoption

  • Animal Planet’s Jill Rappaport

  • Steve Grieg of @wolfgang2242

  • Joanne George of @fortheloveofsmiley

  • Mick Szydlowski of @theklauscat

3:00pm- 3:45pm: Pet Money, Big Money: The Pet Industry Boom

  • Dan Miller, Executive VP of Gabelli Funds and Lead Portfolio Manager of the Gabelli Pet Parents ETMF

  • Zubin Bhettay Co-Founder and CEO of Fuzzy Pet Health

  • Loni Edwards Founder and CEO of The Dog Agency and PetCon

  • Sigrid Neilson of @brussels.sprout


10:00am- 11:30am

Booth 1: Tuna Melts My Heart

Booth 2: Popeye the Foodie

Booth 3: Ella and Coconut Bean + Kaylin Pound of @hotdudeswithdogs

Booth 4: Daily Walter + Izzy the Frenchie + Hi I’m Chewie

12:00pm - 1:30pm

Booth 1: Harlow and Sage

Booth 2: Eli and Kady of @cats_of_instagram + Pudge the Cat

Booth 3: Louboutina + Here Comes Meatball

Booth 4: Bruno Bartlett + Albert on Wheels + Maya Mini Huskyy

Facebook: Brussels Sprout


Booth 1: Diddy and Yeti Kong

Booth 2: Sunny of @fortheloveofsmiley

Booth 3: Cooper the Frenchie + Kimchi Kardoggian

Booth 4: Royce the Frenchie + Danzig Bros + Owen the Griff

Dyson: Hi I’m Chewie


Booth 1: Hamlet the Piggy

Booth 2: Bertie Bert the Pom

Booth 3: Furballs Inc + Brandy and Moose

Booth 4: Leonardo the Corgi + Pink Piglet Puppy + Theo the GSD

10:00am - 11:30am

Booth 1: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Booth 2: The Klaus Cat

Booth 3: The Lil Gremlins + Henry Loves Kiki

Booth 4: Mervin the Chihuahua + Hank the Bassett

12:00pm - 1:30pm

Booth 1: Wolfgang2242

Booth 2: Ahmed and Ashley of @dogsofinstagram

Booth 3: Porkchop + Casper of @rukasthecat

Booth 4: Maya the Dox + Holly’s Amazing Journey

Facebook: Louboutina

2:00pm- 3:30pm

Booth 1: ReaganDoodle

Booth 2: 3Bulldogges

Booth 3: That Goldendoodle + Remix the Dog

Booth 4: Mochi and the City + Sometimes Carl

Dyson: Izzy the Frenchie

4:00pm- 5:30pm

Booth 1: Gone to the Snow Dogs

Booth 2: Brussels Sprout

Booth 3: Mad Max Fluffy Road + Riley Beann

Booth 4: Walter the Dog + Bluenjy